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English is the language of the world. Every country has peoples who know English and it is now considered as the primary language for any job. When it comes to learning English, it is a very simple language that anybody can learn with some practice. There are lots of methods to learn English such as by joining a short-term course or by reading nobles and newspapers on a regular basis or by minimal pairs.

Minimal pairs are pairs of phrases in a particular language, that differ in only one grammatical element such as bad, pat etc., and have different meanings. In terms of listening and speaking English, minimal pairs are very useful. Teachers and students love them very much and you can also find lots of minimal pairs on the web. There are many places or you can say websites on the web where you can find a list of minimal pairs such as EnglishClub, allesl.com, speechlanguage-resources.com, About.com, etc.

Minimal pairs first recorded in the time between 1940-45. The main advantage of minimal pairs is that you can differentiate between two words that sound almost similar. For example, take the words ‘great ape’ and ‘grey tape’. They sound different but phonemically they are identical words.

During the period of the 1940s and 1950s, minimal pairs were an important part of pronunciation teaching and were widely used to teach students to differentiate among the grammars of the target language. Minimal pairs were also used in sign languages. The discovery in the mid-20th century shows that sign language has a sub-biological structure.

Since each word has a unique meaning that means while learning English via this method you can also learn a lot of different words. Maybe you learn some words that you never heard. So that’s another advantage of learning English with minimal pair.

There are many ways of learning English with minimal pairs like watch YouTube videos based upon minimal pairs or play games like Ear training games which help you to hear and pronounce the differences between vowels and consonants or there are many websites who teaches minimal pair by their own way of teaching or you can create your own technique to learn English from minimal pairs. Microsoft also launched an app name Engkoo for Chinese users which aims to improve English pronunciation for Chinese Android users. This app uses an Artificial Intelligence engine to precisely determine the accuracy of English pronunciation and score it by correct pronunciation, intonation, and pace, providing helpful feedback to improve the user’s spoken English.

And there are many applications available for mobile phones and PC’s by which you can learn English. And for your convenience, we also develop an app called Encyclo Speak. It is available on google play store.

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